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~ Sunday, November 27 ~

Mediterranean Collard Wraps.

My tummy has the most flamboyant smile upon its concealed face at this very moment.  Yummy in my most happiest of tummies!

First you will want to make the Spicy Sweet Potato Hummus if you have not already.

Next, prepare the collard leaves by cutting off the stems.  Drizzle a small amount of cold pressed olive oil onto one leave and rub them together.  Spread the oil from front to back by messaging the two leaves, which will break down the cell walls of the leaves to make them more pliable.  Once you have finished coating the leaves with the oil, spread the hummus along the length of the inside of the leaves (the darker, softer side).

Julienne some cucumber, cut about seven to eight mixed cherry tomatoes into fourths.  Top the hummus with these veggies and with sprouts of your choice (sunflower, broccoli, alfalfa).

Then add half of an avocado to each wrap, sliced or diced.  Wrap up like a burrito and enjoy with a tall glass of water.

Listen to: Delibes “La Source, Ou Naïla, Ballet”

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